Centering an engrave or cut

How much does the honeycomb get dinged up? Because it seems a deep score/engrave that lets you fit the underside of your reference into a corner might work if that stays stable.

Actual use case.

My Niece’s husband (let’s call him Brandon) has been custom engraving hockey pucks. Every few weeks, Brandon’s customer sends him a box of blank hockey pucks, which he laser engraves at his design school lab with the customer’s logo. The customer distributes the hockey pucks, and when he runs low, he ships another box to Brandon.

Brandon is delighted that I’m getting a Glowforge just as he is losing access to design school. [Graduation is awesome!] He can source his hockey pucks to me.

So, every few weeks, I’m going to get a box of pucks. I am hoping that a once-created jig with cutouts for an array of pucks will work again on the very next cut, and then again in two weeks when the next box of pucks arrives on my front porch.

I’m delighted to wait and find out; but I thought I might provide a use case that wants centered logos on existing materials with plenty of interval between.