Centering issues and the black cable

I’ve already emailed about my not centering issue but then they just stopped responding after telling me I need a black cable so I’m hoping for better results here. The thing that has me most annoyed is in tried to but a cable 2 weeks ago and was told I could not unless it was damaged and now here I am at their mercy. Glowforge knows people are using these as business machines so why not treat it as such and let us have the parts to fix the machine, especially parts that are known to be so prone to breakage. As added insult they tell me I am out of warranty by one week since the warranty starts date of purchase even though the machine didn’t arrive for over 2 weeks after that. I’ve been a big cheerleader for glowforge but the more I deal with customer service the more I am likely to tell anyone using it as more than a hobby to go with a company that you can actually call and count on to get you up and running quickly. Has anyone gotten an answer on why we can’t purchase the cables?

Since you are ordering one now, you can ask them to send two instead, so you can have a backup. They will do that for you.

They are arranging shipment of the cable. (They don’t hand-hold, or report progress along the way. It usually shows up in a week to 10 days. If you do not receive it by then, contact them again.)

That’s a long time especially going in to december which is why I wanted to have it on hand. There should be no reason we can have the parts to fix our machines. And now what if it isnt that cable? I’ve waited 10 days to maybe fix the machine then start over if not.

Yep. All of the above. :neutral_face:

I haven’t had to replace mine yet, but i picked up a spare just in case it was needed. It took 10 days to arrive. According to forum reports, the general time frame on getting them in is a week to ten days from the time they tell you that you need one. (And they aren’t set up to do expedited shipping on them. So that can add extra time even if you’re willing to pay for it.)

The good news is that if you are careful replacing it, and follow the instructions exactly, you shouldn’t need to do it again. Also don’t open the lid fully upright if you can avoid it - it pulls that cable against a sharp lip behind it and that can stress the cable inside and cause it to break. (The new cables are longer and it shouldn’t be as much of an issue.)

How did you manage to get a spare? They told me not unless I needed it.

Oh, I asked if I could buy one earlier when it first started appearing in the forum. They might not have the extra stock any more to do it. :confused:
(I imagine they need them for when the cables go out now. But once you change it out, you shouldn’t need another one, so most people won’t need it until it becomes an issue.)

Do you know if where the cable connects to the camera it normally looks different? All 4 other connections have a black clip but that one doesn’t.

Right…that one is just white.

Do you happen to know if I ran the windows prompt to ping the app and that showed no dropped packets if that eliminates wifi as the issue?

No, I’m sorry, I don’t. But if they told you that you need a cable that’s probably the issue…they can see more than we can.

Did they have you run through all the testing for Wifi issues before deciding it was a cable issue?

I emailed that I had already gone through the modem cycling etc so they asked me to check the clips which i sent pics of and they said it’s likely the cable.

Yeah, that’s how they check for Wifi issues. Wouldn’t hurt to reboot the modem, machine etc. a couple of times (a few hours apart) just to make sure. But if it isn’t the Wifi and they’ve okayed the cable connections the next most likely thing is that cable.

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.