Centering on item to engrave

Hi I’m have a problem getting my engraving centered on my item ! A knife blade to be exact!
I zoom in to 250 percent And have plenty of room top bottom left and right and on the screen it looks centered but when I go out and I press start it’s always off either top or bottom can someone please help me with this thank

Are you using the set focus tool before placing your artwork? If so, are you making sure that the beam falls directly on the area you wish to engrave?

For precise placement, especially on an irregular object like a knife, your very best bet is to make a jig. If you are uncertain how to do that, use the search function as there are several tutorials.


I did the set focus ! But maybe it’s because I had 2 in there at same time?

When you use Set Focus, also be sure to pay attention to where the little red light shows up when it focuses. Be sure it’s hitting your actual material.

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You need to set the focus on each item before the engrave - especially if the two items are not close to each other and directly under the camera.

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Ok so maybe just one at a time would be better?

Your absolute best bet is a jig. Second best is focusing on the one item, placed directly under the camera.

No need to do one at a time, but you must focus between setting so:
Place knives in :glowforge:
Set focus on one
Place art
Set focus on the other
Place art
Hit print

The only “danger” at that point is if the auto-focus that the machine does misses entirely your print can come in out of focus - which is why the jig set-up is so nice, because if it misses the knife and hits the jig it’s still the same height. You can also avoid that by putting in a manual focus height in your settings, then even if it thinks the knife is .01" high, it’ll still focus at whatever you set.


Ahhhh that makes all the sense !! Thank you
I will try that

Thank you for reaching out! All of the advice you’ve received from our community members is absolutely correct. For objects like the knives you want to engrave, you need to use Set Focus and make sure the red dot lands on the part you are engraving.

I looked at the logs from your most recent print on the knives and while you did use Set Focus, it looks like the red dot landed on the handle of one of the knives and not the blade. You’ll want to place the Set Focus target so that it lands on the blade, then walk over to your unit and watch that the red dot lands where you placed it. If the dot lands on the edge or misses the blade altogether, run Set Focus again until it hits where you need it.

Please let us know how it goes.

Ahhhhhhh now I understand
I like the fact that you can review my mistakes!
This all make more sense and hopefully a lot easier in future

Not mistakes, learning curve! I’m glad that the advice you got here has helped. I’ll continue to leave this thread open for now while you try some more prints. Please let us know how it goes.

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It’s been some time since we’ve had any activity on this thread, so I’m going to close it.

If any additional questions arise, don’t hesitate to reach back out to us!