Centering on laptop, not centering on prints

Done a few cuts with my glowforge pro and all my projects would be centered on the application but when cut everything is being cut on the right side of the medium. Already did the auto focus and the alignment even put a new printer head on the machine and nothings working to fix it. at this point I’m ready to call it quits and chuck this thing in the garbage and just eat the loss of the machine

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Are you using the set focus tool prior to placing your art? Can you share the extent of the problem - how far to the right is it printing and on what material?


A good resource for new users is this forum. I see you have only browsed 3 topics to date. You can find answers for almost anything you can imagine if you use the search feature. I think you are prematurely blaming the machine for what could be user error however you’ve made a good start by posting here. Try to explain what you have done, what materials you are using, their thickness if not proof grade etc. The more info the better someone may be able to help.
Also, anytime you think the machine is having a problem, put in a piece of proof grade material and run the gift of good measure file. If that works as it should the machine is fine.


Hey yeah welcome! We love new people here.

This isn’t an answer to your question but you might like it anyway:

Lots of good stuff to know in there.


When I printed on birch coasters I used the score on paper to place them exactly. I find the camera placement off and not precise.

I was printing 4 seperate small projects and i used the auto focus once in the center of all 4, should i use the auto focus above each project or would it matter

Yes, you can use the set focus multiple times before hitting the print button.


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