Cermark or Thermark

Maybe I missed it or maybe it hasn’t been done yet.
But has anyone posted results or settings with brand name Cermark or Thermark on a Glowforge?

There are a ton of posts on them. Do a quick search and you’ll have plenty to read.
Here’s a recent test: Glass Coasters

That was the only one I found on a production Glowforge.

I guess I should be more specific. I’m looking for it used on metal.

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I was curious what differences we may run into, how the recommended product settings translate into the Glowforge interface, etc.

I’ll just figure it out when I get my Glowforge.

I have some Enduramark arriving today. It was easier to buy online (I hate things where you have to search for distributors, call for pricing, or own a business to get). I’m looking forward to testing it out. I wonder if the missus will object to me engraving all the butter knives…


Just put flowers or something on them. :grin:


Johnson has Cermark… Should be pretty easy to order it from them, too…


I have several decorated butter knives still laying around that I picked up at goodwill or the $ store when I first started playing with Thermark…lol


Thanks, I did notice that when another forum thread sent me there. I didn’t find them before because they do not appear on the list. I’ve already spent a bunch on marking solutions I probably won’t use up for a long time, but I’ll keep that in mind for the reorder, or if I feel truly obligated to do a comparison test.

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Yeah I don’t think they sell Thermark. Only Cermark.

The history and current ownership of these two brands could not possibly be any more complicated.


I thought Thermark was just what they called Cermark in Spain.


Heh. Not as such. From what I understand they are, basically, identical. Just different brands. But I’m no expert.

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Thermark is what I used to buy before everything changed. It was for marking metal and cermark was for glass and ceramics I think its now all called Cermark…:unamused:

No no… Thermark still exists.

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Well I thought it was quite funny.

But then I did do a bit of Spanish at school.


Nope. Used to be two different products sold by two different companies. Then one bought the other and now they’re two pretty similar products produced by one company but retaining the old product names :slight_smile:

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Stick out your tongue, hold it with your thumb and forefinger, and say “Cermark”…:grin:


And I always thought I couldn’t speak a foreign language :grinning:

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Come for the pew pew. Stay for the coronal fricative humor.