Certificate issue on glowforge.com

I’m current getting the following error when trying to access glowforge.com.

Anybody else experiencing problems?

I am

Try accessing the website with another browser. This is the 2nd or 3rd one this morning who has reported it.

Google updated Chrome over the weekend. If you did the update, then it is unhappy about the Security Certificate (SSL https:// ) or if Chrome is really out of date, it is going to do it too.

Nah I’m pretty sure it’s on their end:


Cert might’ve been revoked for some reason, or an update borked their config. They’ll fix it when their web people get in to work, it’s not worth worrying too much about.

I get the error in Firefox and Microsoft Edge, but works fine in Chrome. Some techie will fix it.

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SSL-Labs checks to see how the Cert is handled (which I agree needs changes), but it is a valid SSL cert

Probably a third party cert validation issue that happened like 3 or 4 weeks ago.



I come to these forums to get away from SSL certs in my day job! Don’t bring them up here! :stuck_out_tongue:


The worse thing is that their primary website is forced to https:// and with the Friday announcement and people trying to get access to their accounts, the next tsunami of upset people is about to hit.

Glowforge email and phones are going to be hammered, because of what this “looks” like.

I figured it was some minor issue. And yeah I agree, although I wonder how often they get actual calls as opposed to email / forum (which I grant is only open to purchasers).

Yea. @staff probably wants to look into this if they aren’t already.

As a quick check, is your computer date/time correct?

I hate certs but they are needed. Anyone that has ever done web Managment or app development has cert issues. It will get corrected shortly when business starts back up for the day

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Found that Symantec has revoked the SSL Certificate (probably an automated scanning process), but did not contact Glowforge. Instead they are propagating the revocation due to error on Symantec’s part.

AAAUUUGGGHHH I hate STUPID software!:dizzy_face:

This is what I do for a living is diagnostics and troubleshooting technology and internet related issues. Frustrating at times, but I hate loosing to inanimate objects. “The game is afoot … :mag:


It works fine for me, but I learned not to use Symantec products long ago.

I’m getting the same problem with Opera!

It’s working fine on Safari though!!

It works on my Chrome (laptop) but not on MS Edge (also same machine). I suspect in my case it’s a cached cert in Chrome and the first time I tried to go to it on Edge so it’s not working. No biggie - I spend my GF time here not over on the website.

Did anyone mention this to @dan or @rita?

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Their cert checks out fine and there are no records of revocation. If you see this error more than once (for more than a few minutes), the first thing to do is manually clear your browser cache so that it forces a reload. You might also check the site using Incognito Mode / Secure Browsing / etc.

I checked about a half dozen SSL Cert validators and over half (including Symantec who issued the Glowforge.Com cert) report Revoked.