Changing Default Settings Automatically

We use our Glowforge Pro in our makerspace for students and their projects. We were wondering if there is a way to change the default setting for engraving Proofgrade materials from HD graphic to Draft graphic? If there is a way to do this it will allow more students to use the Glowforge and prevent us from having to clean the lenses and mirrors after every cut job.

Thanks in advance !

I just created a file that included an engraved element. When I selected Proofgrade draftboard as the material, the default engrave that self populated was SD graphic, not HD graphic or draft graphic. I am surprised that your artwork defaults to HD, but it is a simple one click change to draft that anyone can be instructed to make.

What material are you using that defaults to HD graphic?

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Ok, teenagers don’t always listen! We have a training process for Glowforge use but sometimes things get hectic and students just upload, start the cut, and leave so we don’t have a chance to review their files. Just looking to see if changing the default would help.


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Your process of allowing users to start a cut and leave should be reviewed. Fires start quickly.

What material defaults to HD graphic? As I said, mine defaults to SD graphic for draftboard.

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I just played around with it and can’t find any way for it to do anything other than default to using Draft Photo for images, and SD Graphic for vectors.

There is no way to specify settings in a design file.

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