Chaotica Fractals

Seems as though this would go very well with the GF


Nice find! I’ll check it out.


ditto! Looks like fun! :relaxed:


Once again, something that will take up my time! Thanks for posting it.


Whoa, that’s freakin’ cool! Thanks for sharing!


Cool, this could eat up some time till i get my GF.
Too bad it looks like it only does raster renders. I would have loved to get some vector fractals.


Yes, yes… All the world loves a good fractal. :wink:


I have only ever played around with crude fractal generators and got frustrated with the interfaces. This one looks really good. Going to give it a try!




Way cool. Thanks!


very nice - bookmarked it!

I just watched this TED talk about fractals:

Ron Eglash: The fractals at the heart of African designs


I don’t suppose it has the option to turn off shadows and the black borders? Without those, that almost looks like it could be fed directly to the 3-D engrave functionality!


Ugh, another program I need to check out. This forum is worse than Pinterest. :stuck_out_tongue:


So many great programs and no time, maybe it’s time to quit my job … but in that case the problem would be the money in my wallet … mmm …


…but they’re neither frozen nor all around.


Awesome find! Because the to-do list wasn’t long enough. :stuck_out_tongue:


Love the fractals! Thanks!


This brings up a good point. Most types of fractals that I find most visually interesting are those that are inherently raster in nature. Sure, there are L-systems and some others that can be rendered with vectors, but things like Newton basins of attraction can’t, as far as I know.


fractals are math, vectors are math… why can’t someone write a thingy to math them together? Is it just too much math? Too many maths? Too infinite?

Anyhoo, Y’all got me interested, so I just started poking the internet with a stick to see what I could find to generate fractals on a Mac, (and hoping to see something that was outputting vectors).

I found this online thingy called Chaotify me that turns your name into a Julia set

…than I downloaded this Fractal Zoomer which is a lot of fun!

…which led me to a fractal forum, that has links to the above, galleries of fractal art, links to fractal programs for various platforms, and a whole lot more… and that’s where I had to throw in the towel and get back to work.


Fractals like Mandelbrot sets, Julia sets, and Newton basins of attraction have patterns that are interesting because of emergent shapes that arise from a raster-based process. Each pixel initiates an iterative computation that may or may not be similar to that of adjacent pixels, depending on the level of “sensitive dependence to initial conditions.” Where they are very similar, the fractal is pretty boring (adjacent pixels all report the same result). But in regions where they are very dissimilar, we see exciting fractal boundaries emerging within groups of pixels.

Vectorizing really isn’t an option because there is no sense of “direction” along which to define a vector at each pixel.