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This type of plywood may not actually cut well with a laser. Many people have had to do several passes to cut properly without terrible charring.

The fan does not look clean to me. Remove the housing and clean there as well as brushing each fan blade.

What settings are you using for the 3 mm plywood? Do you have any remaining Proofgrade materials you can use to do some tests?

I usually use thick or medium basswood ply for 3mm

I may have some draft board left as I rarely use it

The lense is correct though right? Because it never really snaps hard into place I always have to kinda slide it off the tool

The lens is inserted in the proper direction. It should snap into place, and it moves up and down in the printhead to focus on various thicknesses of material.

Draftboard is a known commodity specifically manufactured for Glowforge use. It is important to use this for diagnosing problems because it rules out material being a contributory factor.

Ok I removed the back and removed the crud from in there I have a small piece of proof grade hardwood so what should I test, thanks for your help btw

Choose the appropriate hardwood from the menu, and simply cut something like a circle.

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The fan does not look too terrible actually but the bottom of the carriage looks awful. If you flick the fan and it spins up and does not stop suddenly it should be ok. This is what mine looked like at the worst…

and this is what the undercarriage looked like even then…

Looking at the smoke trails on the work, they look very weak and would likely allow flames. but there is some air movement.

The big question is the cause.

I do see a lot of crud on the windows on either side of the main lens. Those are used for Set Focus so that could be another problem.

Imagine I still haven’t heard one peep from customer services. Let’s see what Monday brings I guess.

Imagine how much you would like to have that conversation on your weekend. They are not exactly a mom & pop shop but they are still pretty small.

What happened when you tried to cut the Proofgrade material?

I appreciate that but it’s not a small price ticket item and when you rely on it solely for your business there should be the service to match it.
Happy medium would be good. Hopefully there is an answer tomorrow.

Yea it cut but the machine is definitely not :100: I’m hoping I get some resolve or response tomorrow.

We’re going from bad to worse here. This is the result today

There is something wrong with your belts or there is a physical collision happening to throw it off course. Is the material extending over the edge of the honeycomb tray?

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You can see on the first circle that it hit something that kept it from moving to the left. After that, the cutting point is not where the computer thinks it is. Find out where it hit (it would be above where the circle went straight) and change that situation. As it is only once and at the extreme left of where the head actually went tells me it is an obstruction there and probably in the gantry.

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