Cheap Silhouette Cameo 3 Starter Bundle


I don’t usually like to post this kind of thing, but this seems like a pretty good deal for anyone looking to get a Cameo.

Silhouette Cameo 3 Starter Bundle - $199

Update - The sale is no longer active. It ended at midnight, 11/18/16. Woot is still a cool site, so I’ll leave the link there.


We picked one up last year for my daughter and it’s been getting a ton of use. She has decided she doesn’t like weeding though. I wonder if anyone does? I think they’re a great intro to design and using a CNC machine.


I have an earlier version that is still fine, but, bought lots of the cutting matts that were on sale also.


I’ve had my Cameo 2 for almost a year and just keep finding new projects.


Thanks! I need new mats - mine are so old and abused hahahah


Nice find. I’m tempted, but between the CNC, 3D printer, and eventually the glowforge, I’m afraid I’d be divorced, haha.


depends on the design. When you can pull from one corner and reveal an entire design, it’s pretty satisfying. if you have a whole bunch of little serifed lowercase text… not so much.


Weeding heat transfer vinyl isn’t toooo bad. Much easier than sticker material, where one mistake can screw up your product.


Yes, I’ve designed some decals and can koozies for friends and then cursed myself when it came time to weed them. Especially if they REALLY like them and want 20-30 of them. I now try to think about that when designing for them. I love me my stencil fonts! :grin:


What is weeding? (aside from pulling unwanted life from the earth)


I had to learn this term as well. It’s the removal of the masking material from small “islands” of surface area. (Think of the space within an “o” that is uncut. Weeding is the removal of that inner “circle” of masking material)


Here is a good example of weeding.


I posted three of my favorite weeding tools here in the Additional Tools thread.


Man, I paid $250 for the cameo 3 right after their release a couple of months ago. Sigh. Gotta get the glowforge soon so I stop buying things while I wait. The other day I bought a machine that puts foil on stuff. Really, is that necessary? No, no it is not. I’ve never put foil on anything in my life.

Now everyone is getting crap covered in metallic-y foil for christmas.


That makes sense. Removing the masking from the etched material is similar, except you don’t have to leave anything behind, so the get the small stuff I was using tape to pull it up.


What a great analogy! It is very much like that, only pulling unwanted stuff from a stencil. :relaxed:


That was so darned funny! That sounds exactly like something I’d do. Just can’t stop myself from doing and trying cool stuff. :joy:


Because I couldn’t stop at the Silhouette Cameo (Addiction from a few years ago) I ended up buying the Casio Stamp Machine, the Button Machine, Nail sticker machine…

There’s NO problem here… :squeeee:


Yes, I just got a color laser printer to try printed transfers to wood and stone. Now I have 5 printers. A wide format inkjet for printing 12 x 12 for Cameo paper cutting, my original inkjet to direct print on CD DVDs, a work inkjet (they don’t want me printing wirelessly to my printers), the new color laser and my old B&W laser that I’m planning on selling or donating.

Oh, I guess the Glowforge “Printer” would make it 6.


I picked up a button machine from craigslist last month…

Started with images cut from old magazines, then a few skull prints. I was having issues with the mylar top sheets.

These black & white ones (with the exception of the skullyMask, the QR code, and the drawing of @scatterbrains old profile pic) were vector-traced out of old sketchbooks of mine using Adobe Capture, then laminated to avoid having to use the mylar disks.

If you can’t tell, I’ve been having way too much fun with it!