Cheerleader Whine


10:00 AM Mountain time

Running this token job this morning where 1st side is engraved and second is ignored. :proofgrade: medium maple registered to the bed with powerful magnets. First side engraved and cut fine, flipped all tokens and started running the 2nd side. The image was displaced by a nearly 1/4". :rage:
I ran a 1000 unit job with this technique, 77 tokens on a sheet a couple of months ago and it worked flawlessly.

Also, I spent the entire afternoon yesterday trying to get a file of tokens to run and kept getting error message. Started with 105 on a sheet, and started deleting rows and trying again. all the way down to 35 before the UI didn’t choke. Both sides ran fine.
This morning went to run that same file and it was the second side that was displaced.

Got the app to accept a run of 56, and 1st side is printing now. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: If the second side is off again - Facepalm. I have 35 tokens out of a requirement of 1000.

Along with all that, I got the first temperature pause in a job, a 48 minute token print at about 2 minutes to the finish line. I can live with the pause for the sake of machine health, but the inconsistency in job size and image migration are a buzz kill.

Apparently there is a lot of software manipulation in the background, just in time to get between me and this job. :fearful:
I know support is bound to have their hands full, sorry to contribute.

Edit - I will update when second side is underway.


Yikes. Hope it’s sorted by now.


Oh, man. Sorry to hear it. Hope your 2nd attempt goes smoother!


I hope they have this registration and project size issues figured out soon. One of the reasons I bought the :glowforge: is to have a side business doing arts and crafts. I don’t want to be wasting time and material/money trying to get products out.


BTW Happy Cake Day @Tom_A!!!


I have confidence they will, I have seen a lot of improvements over my experience with this machine.
Kinda reminds me of the problem doctors have prescribing treatment for different individuals who’s physiology differs slightly, see how the patient reacts and adjust accordingly.


That’s how my day went yesterday trying to reprint the sign for my festival booth. I think the inconsistencies are more frustrating than the limitations themselves.


Yes! It would be hard to run a business on one of these right now - not knowing if it’s going to work for your design this time in the time you have available before the hard stop deadline you’ve got.


I think it will always be the case while there are forced cloud updates. You don’t want software to change during a production run.


Update; After flipping the tokens the head went to scan the material and stalled there. I ended up restarting the machine and it stalled scanning the material.
I can only assume software changes are happening, I don’t know. Machine is off now, I’ll try again later and update.
The blessing for me is the benefit of the sheet they are cut from is the jig to register the 2nd side, so the 60 or so tokens with only one side engraved should be salvageable by running another sheet and leaving it on the bed and putting the blank side in to rerun the file.


I’m guessing an update is going down (that sounded funny) because numerous problems are being reported. I wish there was a way they could warn us an update was coming and give us the chance to get out of the way as it happens. Like others, I bought mine with a side business in mind, but losing materials and wasting tube life with half finished projects isn’t a fun thought.


Of course there are MANY ways to warn us. For some reason they’ve always chosen not to.
E-mail, forum site, application site to name a few.


I do recall one time everybody was having trouble turned out to be Google servers having a problem. Maybe that’s the issue now also.


Well, I am butt hurt that I can’t work on my job, but I feel worse for the company - especially support.
My problem is their problem, your problem is their problem - multiply that out to the machines out there :grimacing:.


Cutting the tokens out after engraving the second side will save you some time and headache.

I’m willing to explain why, if you care.


Sure. Why wouldn’t I care to?


Sweet, thanks for giving me the opportunity!

I’m guessing the tokens are circular and have a design on each side, ideally with the designs aligned in some way - like, either both sides right side up at the same time (like a US dollar bill), or each side upside-down in relation to each other (like most (all?) US coins).


Yes, round engraved both sides. Files are nested on top of each other, each being a different color so they are seperate thumbnails in the UI. engrave one and cut and ignore the other. flip them and - ignore the first and engrave the second.

Edit - both right side up.


OK, cool.

So, here’s why I think it’s better to cut on the second pass…
If you cut them all out on the first pass you then have to manually flip 77 (or however many you’re making) one-by-one. Not only that, but you also have to try to flip them carefully enough that they remain oriented the way that you want them to be in the end (in other words, you have to try not to let them rotate).

If you don’t cut them out in step one, you can flip them all at once. Not only that, they will all remain perfectly aligned.

Here’s what I would do…
Glowforge prep: place tape on the bed in the bottom left corner, engrave or cut a square corner into the tape. The corner will be your origin point and the straight lines will be your orientation guides (to help you keep the material square/parallel with the cutting axes). This is a technique that @takitus pioneered, I believe.

File Prep: (I’m winging it here since I don’t really know how the Glowforge UI works)
Prepare your tokens in a file that you can place into the Glowforge UI consistently. I gather this has something to do with making the page size 20x12". Take note of how I’m suggesting to align Setup 2 below, and arrange the “tails” side of your tokens so that they will work with that alignment.

Setup 1:

  • Put the material on the bed, place it in such a way that the bottom and right sides extend outside of the cut area slightly (perhaps more tape would be helpful for this step).
  • Engrave all the “faces” of all the tokens.
  • Cut a line along the bottom and right edges of the material - this will create a square corner that you can use for Setup 2.

Discard the scrap cut off the bottom and right side.
Now you can flip all the tokens at once and the bottom edge should be perfectly aligned with ALL the designs engraved in Setup 1.

Setup 2:

  • Flip the material left-to-right and place it into the machine with the freshly cut square corner of the material aligned with the origin corner in the tape that you prepared earlier.
  • Engrave all the “tails” of the tokens.
  • Cut all the tokens out.

Hope this makes sense!

edit - changed “left” to “right” above.


I see, sounds viable. Thanks for the input! :sunglasses: