Chip Clips



Picked up a bag of bamboo clothespins at the hobby store cause they looked like they would fit in the 'Forge, and spent a day putting together some designs for them yesterday… I think they’ll work for bag clips. (Chips, cookies, M&Ms…)

So for the designs…we’ve got Engineer clips (one of those triangular rulers…sorry - scale, chuckle!), one for Musicians, and one for the Drama/Cinema team. That should cover most of the family avocations.

Very easy to do these with a single cut jig and then drop in half of the clothespin for engraving. :slightly_smiling_face:

Settings for Engraving on Bamboo
Draft Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending July 1st, 2017

Cute. (If not a little laser-obsessed.) :wink:


Hey, they’d better get used to it! :smile:


Yeah…what SHE said! (seriously…cute and a good exercise)


I love 'em! The musical one is my favorite. You need a foodie/cooking one too.


Good idea! (Must buy more pins!) :slightly_smiling_face:


The “ruler” is called a Scale. :slight_smile:

Which begs the question… Is it to scale? Would be totally cool if it was. :smiley:


I keep seeing those at the slate store and wondering what to do with them… :thumbsup:


Probably not after i got done fitting it to the clothespin. :smile:


Do these have the designs on both sides of the clothespins? they look great!


Oh wow…great little gifts!! You definitly have your laser goggles on…
Hmmm lets see what else I can stick in my Glowforge as you walk around town…lmao


they look great. I’m still amazed at how tiny the lines can be. Ha, if I were to print some up as chip-bag clips, I think I’d put warnings on them, like: “You really don’t want to eat that potato chip.”


You could easily do it, but these don’t yet… I was thinking of personalizing the other side…“Benjamin’s Bacon Bits” or “Samantha’s Sweets” or “Jack’s Junkfood”.

Or this would work for me: :smile:


Endless Possibilities! VERY creative!


Really clever. I like how they turned out.


Very creative.


you can do all sorts of great stuff with a C47.


??? Skytrain?



Cool trivia tidbit!