Chocolate Mold tests

So just trying and testing on chocolate molds that I purchased. Melted and cured, then placed into the glowforge. I think a better quality of chocolate is a must. Did 3 test with engraving and score and the last just engraving. Idea’s for accents for baby shower or honestly anything. The possibility are endless with this machine.

1st attempt


2nd attempt

3rd attempt (no score line)


Just stopping to say this is pretty cool.


Those baby feet are absolutely precious! Totally love the 1st and 3rd images. :smiley:

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Chocolate can be such a pain sometimes, if you didn’t do it before after you melt the chocolate to the right temp you can then add in some unmelted chocolate and stir it in to act as a seed to help it crystallize properly. Pretty cool project, Does the laser give the chocolate a strange taste?


I just purchase Chocolate chips from hobby lobby and bought a mold. Let the chocolate cur 24 hours and did the 3 test. Starting from 17 up to 40 in power to get the final result. The 3rd photo with out the score. Without any melting. No bad taste. I’d say next time buy a better quality of chocolate




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Wondering why not try and make the molds yourself from acrylic or similar or silicon rubber on a cut and polished plastic or even wood positive?


I used my GF to make a positive to create a mold for chocolate:


Very cool!


Can never go wrong with chocolate :chocolate_bar:




White chocolate.


Hey folks! Surprise Pastry Chef visit… Because of the chemistry of chocolate, a laser is -always- going to create spotting and dulling in real chocolate because an increase above 92F is unavoidable. So in reality, a high quality chocolate is the opposite of what you want. What you want is a higher quality self-tempering (glaze) chocolate which is the equivalent of Candy Melts, but professionally many more delicious and better options are available. I happen to have some very high quality chocolate glaze on-hand, and my GF just arrived today, so I will see if I can mold some things and make the attempt at what you’re doing here so I can offer better insight.


I was able to bang out a quick test using professional grade chocolate glaze, and it holds up to the process beautifully… no spotting.

I just melted and molded these discs last night and let them sit in the mold at room temp. Despite what’s all over the internet, chocolate hates refrigeration - and chocolate chips are meant not to set again. Product choice will be everything in making this work well.


Is that poured into an engraved mold or into a (silicon rubber) mold of a positive? :star_struck:

Your expertise is a welcome addition to the many different ones here.

It’s engraved directly on chocolate

Ah Yes! I was thinking that making a full 3d engrave in something else and make the chocolates from the mold would be awesome.

It would… and I believe someone else mentioned they had done that

I routinely make the relief carvings, but have not tried the mold and chocolate :chocolate_bar: :doughnut:

Hey there! What settings did you use for this? Would love to replicate on some melts!