Christmas Baubles



I made some Tree ornaments for friends this year. I reckon they would cut very well with proofgrade materials (I just need a glowforge to cut them on). Anyway, files as usual over on my site.

Weekly Highlights for the week of 18-DEC-16

Really like the stars. What two woods are in the star, the spruce and bass?


Those are a cut above the usual laser cut Christmas ornaments (pardon the pun). Very nice!


Yes, the mahogany is a bit harder to cut anyway and ended up only being in the pentagon


Gorgeous! those are way better than the ornaments I’m 3-D printing this year.


I love the star one too…great designs! :relaxed:


We were in the local handicraft store today looking for gifts, and darn if there weren’t a bunch of laser-cut ornaments. (I think I might talk to the store before next season and see if I can do some stuff that’s, um, more presentable.)


There was a booth at the special All Saints Day market that had laser cut stuff…and it was mostly awful, uninspired, poorly etched copies of Disney and other characters. I want my GF so badly so I can have my own booth and show them how it’s done! :sunglasses:


Happy Cake day @bhspalinger!


Bookmarked! Soooo cool, thank you


I know! There are two stores in my little town that now have laser cut items, and I’m freaking out because someone beat me to it. But then I notice the resolution and realized that when I start making stuff with the GF it’s going to be quite a difference in products.