Weekly Highlights for the week of 18-DEC-16



The forums are gettin’ pretty big these days. Lots of stuff to get through (which is great)! Here are some potentially-useful items you might have missed from last week!

Last Week’s Highlights

Info from Glowforge Staff:

This site’s now secure! You may have noticed the site now uses “HTTPS.” For those who might not know, the “S” stands for Secure.

Truly a useful item, to be sure: Keyboard Nudging is now enabled

For those curious about airflow from the fan…

A small bit of safety info:

A note to modders…

A Ray by Ray description of the laser path:

Custom Scrabble Tile Generator

Double Sided Engrave Workflow

Cool Pre-Release & Beta Posts, Reviews

Mention at 53.15 mark by Tested

Pre-Release Glowforge from Design to Print

Custom Escutcheon


Kitchen Matches Box Holder

MakForge Live Stream - wherein questions are answered and demonstrations happen

Jewelry Tree

Feeling Gelty (concept courtesy of the junior beta team)

Noteworthy Contributions from non-Betas


Acrylic Lamps and source for pre-made bases

Sonic Boom

Rotational Art

Mirrored Cardstock

Christmas Baubles

:glowforge:KEEP FORGING AHEAD!™:glowforge:

Weekly Highlights for the week of Dec 25, 2016

Nice job on the summary @thomas.alessi.jr


Well Done! Thanks for doing the Highlights this week!


I am digging these weekly highlights! Thanks for putting these together


These are super cool! I send them around to investors, employees, etc who want to keep up on what’s going on on the forums, too.


Okay, there it is…this one was wandering around the ether for a while! Chuckle! :wink:


Blame the creepy elf on a shelf for stareing at people too long and not getting his day job done.


Those things really do freak me out…shudder! :confounded:


Dude. Those things are the creepiest. I have one, of course, but I think I’d rather have a possessed troll doll.