Christmas Light Storage Spools

Putting away the lights today and need a better way to store them. One spool uses one flap of a “1BF” size box from Amazon. Prints in 1:47 with .165 thickness 300/85 cut and 500/50 score.

The tabs might be a bit short, but I just glued them. I think it will last longer than trying to do a locking tab of some sort, but feel free to modify.

xmas light spool

The preview has very thin lines, but the file is there just above.


It holds about a 15ft strand of small lights.


Very cool! I might just make up a bunch of these. Won’t need them until Easter, that’s how long the better half likes to leave the tree up.


Great organization idea!

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Wow, excellent way to reuse cardboard from this years gifts!

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A packed up and ready to go into the attic.


So clever!


Great idea! Thank you for the file! This will come in handy.

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Made some easy to use reels on a scroll saw many years ago (like picture below). Can counter grab the tips and use a winding motion to wind up and also unroll the lights. Very handy for those long runs outside…

Now I have to decide if I want to make more of these, or up my game and make a real reel.

Who am I kidding? Will probably do both, heh.


we only needed to light for a single🌲

I wanted to do just a flat rectangle with some slots, but my wife said the spool would be easier to unwind when putting it up next year.

This is a great idea. Thanks for sharing. Some of my favorite projects are related to organization.

@brokendrum, yes, both!

Clever idea. You’re going to thank yourself next year when you go to put up the lights!

Just made these, thanks for the great design!

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