Christmas ornaments my wife requested

My wife has “redirected” my :glowforge: time to making ornaments to give out this year.

I have also been making “Baby Yoda/The Child/Grogu” ornaments, but I have handed them all out. So, I will have to make some more.


Are those punch out cards? Love 'em! :sunglasses::+1:


Yep. I was inspired by designs I have seen here and on the internet.

My wife told me what she wanted the ornament to look like, and I did my best to design it. Then we put a message on the card.

I plan to glue cardstock on the back, so the ornament will lay into the card.


I tried a new trick to getting the masking off that I read about on here a lot. I used Duck Tape! It work so incredibly well, I really should have been doing this from the beginning!

If you are still weeding tiny pieces by hand, STOP and get some Duck Tape! It made the work so much easier and faster! (Huge thanks to the community for that tip!)

I tried doing the engraves without masking, but then I had to do a lot of cleaning for it to look good. So went back to masking, and it was such a task, but the finished product looked great. Now I have the look and the ease of process, perfect combination.


really nice!

I bought the one from premium, but I cannot change the family name in the GF app. How did you do that?

Open the design. Click the three dots. Click Design Details. Click "Before you start inthe instructions regarding text

are there.


Thank you! I am still learning … :slight_smile:

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Yep, that is exactly what I did.

You have been busy! Wife must be happy, so will the recipients.


Can you please share the template?

Just a reminder we arent allowed to ask other people for their templates or work. If they submit it to the free laser designs section, then you are free to download it. Check it out! There are some great things there to download for personal use.


I didn’t know

It’s ok, everyone new does it, if you look at the forum rules, you’ll know all the ins and outs. And welcome to the family. I’m sure you’re going to enjoy your machine


Super nice job on the design, they look so professional!


What a great idea. They will be well received.

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Here are some of the “Baby Yoda” ornaments I have been making too.

I should have added my :glowforge: code to them (hindsight being 20/20). Been handing out quite a few of these and people love them.

(They are made from the scraps of the other ornaments.)


My wife wanted to do this again this year. And she found a design she loved by @geek2nurse here on the forum.

So we are handing these out to the volunteers this year (personalized with their names on the back, of course).


It sounds like we are going to try to make this ornament set a trilogy. I am going to attempt to do shepherds with angel(s) this year, and then do the wisemen ornament next year.

Here is the link to the second ornament I based on this style:


Hi I love the baby yoda! do you sell the design?

Sorry, I do not. It would not be ethical.

That was just an image I found on the internet, not one I drew myself.