Christmas Tree for the neighbors -


-The ones I get along with… :wink:
Free vector Christmas tree embellished with a few snow flakes, I also converted a few decorations to scores.
On a few, I flooded the ornament engrave with an acrylic solvent that ‘polished’ the engraving. Tip 'o the hat to @mpipes. In this application, it is only seen from a particular angle of lighting.
The balls that show green are the ones I flooded. Interesting effect, but provides some variation in the decorations.

Bad picture. I think it focused on the ‘Eastwood squint’.

You can’t see it here, but the detail on the snowflakes is amazing.

Neil Gaiman Quote

Lovely! :grinning:


Your other neighbors might be more genial if they received one of these :wink:

Nice job!


It’s beautiful! The different effects for the various elements are amazing.


Actually I get along well with all of them. :grin:

If you have a neighbor who’s an arse, chances are he does too!


No way! (We’ve got one who’s weird, that would mean we were … :thinking:Nah!) :smile:


Really nice job!


Thank you!
A gearhead all my life, with a shop and garage full of tools that reflect that - but I never had one that gave me this much enjoyment.
All of my tool investments further my ability, but none have nurtured my creativity like the glowforge. :sunglasses:


Very nice gift for your neighbors! Nicely done!


Very nice! I’d be interested to know where you picked up that base with an integrated light.


Here you go :sunglasses:


We’ve discussed LED bases quite a bit. A search here will bring up a few discussions about it.

China owns the LED market so DHgate and other import places are your cheapest bet.

Xtron is very good

It’s also easy to make you own with LED strips.