Source for LED bases


Came across this resource for LED bases and thought someone else could use it. If you’re like me, I’d rather just buy them pre-made than fiddle with trying to put my own together. I’ll likley place an order and would love to hear if anyone has bought bases from them before.

DHGate has links to the same company and you cans see prices there.

Quick LED birthday sign
Christmas Tree for the neighbors -
MFNY Table sign done

I’ll definitely make my own. But I’m sure you’re right… I’ll feel too lazy and want to have one of these on hand. THANKS!


To be honest, I guess I’m really more just completely and totally inept when it comes to electronic things and how to wire them etc. If they sold just the pre-made LED strips with controller I would be happy making the base though


Oh… I think I have some bookmarked. Let me dig that up for you…

Yeah here… Check this site out… Lumenedge


Oh sweet! Yes, I think I can do these. Thanks much Tom, this goes into my supply file.


Glad to be of service. :slight_smile:


These are cheaper for 10+ LED Bases (same site)


Also check Amazon & Adafruit. Both have complete tape & controllers as well as separate parts. I use them all the time for stage work.