Christmas wreath


I spent the morning designing a wreath for when the GF ships. :slight_smile:


Very nice design. What software did you design it in?


Thanks! Adobe Illustrator.


That’s a sweet design artistically.


tips hat
Why thank you.


Do you need some connectors between the center and the outside? Cut would drop out pieces in center. I may be missing something?


I think I have it so everything will stay in place that I want to stay but im sure there will be some tweaking once i do a print. :slight_smile: (I want a lot of holes and such)


Sweeeeet! Nice job on the AI work! :smiley:


(ps I got a hedgehog last week!! Partly inspired by your profile photo haha. Meet Mumford)


Tell Mumford I said “squeeeeeee”! He’s adorable! :smiley:


He says “squeee hiss squee” back!! :smiley:


Oh yeah…the hissing when they aren’t quite sure whether you’re safe or not…:smirk:


Haha, yeah he’s getting more used to me. Taking it slow. Haha.


Don’t have much choice really - those little spines DO get the point across! :sweat_smile:


Haha yup they do! But he’s cute despite his grumpiness. :stuck_out_tongue:


You’ll have fun with him. :wink:


Haha, over the winter we’re going to make a calender of him photoshopped into different scenes. It’s gonna be adorable.


Okay…be sure to post that here as well! :relaxed:


Oh I will!!! :joy:


Ooooo, nice! :squeee:

What do you plan on cutting it from? And, congrats on the adorable addition to your family!