Chunks out of plywood?


Is it expected to have small chunks missing from the innards of thick plywood? Seems like this would make them quite fragile…


Is that Proofgrade?




Then no, that’s not normal. It can happen, but I’ve only seen it twice in the last year.


I feel so lucky :frowning:


It’s probably a void that likely runs all the way through it - look on the other side and see if there is another hole.

The rest of the wood is fine and you can still use it, but it will flame up in that spot if you cut across it.


And of course, all my maple hardwood pieces have rubbish finish again. Oh well. Good enough for them, I guess it’s good enough for me and that’s how it is.


Can’t see that big chunk all the way on the other side, so that’s good. I paid to use the whole thing, so we’ll see where it flames up when I try to use it and see how it turns out.


Hold a bright flashlight up against it and you’ll see the void. Just use a pencil or something and mark it.

You might get lucky and it’s just a little blip at the edge.


Sounds good. If I’m lucky, that part of the sheet will fall in the scrap zone of what will be cut out of it.


As luck as I. I’m pretty sure I was one of the 2 @Jules mentioned above. :slight_smile:

In my case, the photos indicated a manufacturing problem had occurred. The hole was completely through from the bottom to the top of the sheet. They immediately credited me so I could replace the defective board.


I’ve still got one of them here that has a void that runs all the way through, but hey, that’s manufacturing - I never even told them about it.

It’s not worth the hassle, and I can work around it. The locally sourced crap has so many voids in them it can turn into a real flame fest. (Just hit one last night on some cheap Home Depot/Lowe’s quarter inch. Picture below for comparison purposes:)

It was some serious :fire:!
(Killed it with a lid lift when I noticed it.)


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