Circuit board is black

Please do not close this to send an email and then ghost me. I have a fried circuit board. No lights, lid open, camera not taking picture was all the beginning of it Dec 10 or 11th. Changed the cable which I’ve successfully done before on another machine and didn’t fix it and then I noticed the board was black. This was my second refurbished unit under 8 months for 3 machines total in an 8 month period. No warranty on it but its been sitting in the box in my living room floor and I’d like to know what I need to do to repair it. Its been weeks and no reply on my original issue. With this photo and additional info, it should help clarify the problem.

If you have a basic, or plus model machine, you are able to replace this part using a guide I made a while back: Black Ribbon Circuit Board - Replacement Guide

It does require a little bit of effort to do, and most importantly, for the Glowforge team to be able to source the part for you, but it is doable. The main issue with DIY repairs is the possibility of further damage to your machine, so you’ll also have to take that into consideration.


Hi @budsysmith My name is Mercedes and I’m part of the Technical team here at Glowforge.

It looks like we sent you an email with a final solution on December 15th. Can you let me know if you received that or not? I would be happy to send it to you again.

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I have only received one thing from GF and I will attach that here. No search of glowforge shows anything sent to me except this and comments on posts.

Hi @budsysmith I just sent you another email, let me know if you received it!

Yes I have read the email. So let me go over this for clarification.

I purchase a new machine in Sep 2020 and get it Halloween. By Christmas it will no longer function. Several lid cables in January doesn’t fix it so a new machine late Jan which is a used one. Then that one has a lid cable malfunction pretty early on but I have a cable to change so I fix that and then it derails later on so another used one is delivered in June. Three machines in 8 months and 2 were used. I feel this is unfair. I actually referred someone that got a machine and I feel like a bad friend at this point.

Now the offer is another used machine but I have to pay $755 plus tax to get it. I financially can’t handle that right now. Maybe after tax refund time or I get some work back that I lost. I had to refund a ton of money in December for work I could no longer complete. This machine is basically my income. I’m a heart patient with a defibrillator attached to my ribs. This is my job! I bought another Glowforge in the meantime that I can’t use at my house yet because no room for 2 and it was weeks before I got a reply on options for the broken one.

Had this offer come a few weeks sooner, I might would of done it but I’m broke at this point while I try to undo what was done in the last month, the most busiest time, with my customers. Plus as I stated, I bought another machine.

They are wanting me to pay $755 to have it repaired. I could of done this right when it happened but I bought a Plus 2 weeks later and with me losing a lot of work in the 3 weeks I can’t manage that right now. I’ve had 4 machines in 14 months.

Hi @budsysmith I just wanted to let you know, since we have already found and offered you a solution. I’m going to go ahead and move this forum post to everything else.

I totally understand your frustrations and want you to still have a place to discuss it, so I want to make sure it goes to the appropriate place.

Feel free to respond to the email I had sent earlier if you decide to pursue the replacement.

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