Circuit Board that Black Cable Connects to?

Good morning all!
I have dug through all the previous posts about this circuit board but I havent seen anything that was newer than a couple years old. Is this part available now or is this gonna be a replacement laser? I was getting the “Camera not taking a picture” message so I did all the troubleshooting that was recommended on the support site. Tried it a few times and nothing worked. Well when I turned it on the last time I was treated to a nice little light show as the circuit board burned and smoked up the room. What a great way to start the day! Anyone have recent info on what Glowforge will do? I have already submitted it to support and am waiting to hear back.


Thanks all!


Welcome to the community. As far as I know, that circuit board is not a user replaceable part. Most likely they will offer you a refurb.


Thanks. I was assuming it was toast! Do you by any chance know what they are selling the refurb ones for these days?

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I really couldn’t tell you…and if I did, I’d probably be wrong. :slightly_smiling_face: You can email them or you can now call them…+1-855-338-2122.


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