Circular Recognition Plaque

Following the line of the project of my last post [New use to an old plaque] I decided to create a plaque to give to a colleague engineer in his recognition as a Distinguished Collegiate. Since the logo of our group is circular, I decided to ask a friend that works with wood to experiment making a circular base using a piece of unfinished cedar wood. The wood was almost 1 inch wide and the circle of 12 inches in diameter was cut with a router. Because of the width I work it without the tray. (I thank those who have put tutorials on how to work without the tray because they were very useful for me)
After several attempts adjusting the setting the machine, I achieved an acceptable termination to engrave and score the logo on the wood. Aligning the logo so that it would be centralized within the wood was another great challenge. I tried making small marks, then measuring and then moving the art to centralize it. This really was a feat. (Also thanks to those who wrote about alignment)
The engraving took more than 2 and a half hours. After finishing this I asked my friend to give the termination with router (beveled), sanding and dyeing to give an elegant appearance. The only thing that was affected were some parts in the center that with the sanding cleared a lot but the general result seems to me to be very good.
The final piece was a proofgrade 1/8” acrylic sheet with a message engraved and cut in a circular way to continue with the ideas of the circles.
I think that some things could have been done differently and that there is room for improvement but in general I am satisfied with the final result and the colleague also liked it. I hope you like it too.:+1:


Oh it is lovely! :grinning:



If it weren’t for the friendly helpful community here my learning curve would have been a mountain.


I completely agree

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Very nicely done!


Very nice work!

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This is a really cool and unique design! I like the way you overlaid the acrylic over the wood.

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