New use to an old plaque



My daughter and I decided to give a new use to a plaque that has been unused for more than 30 years in my parents’ house. We transformed the plaque into an acknowledgment for the teacher to whom they dedicated her 8th graduation. The old wood plaque had a notch with embossed letters and a sheet of metal fixed with 4 small screws. We eliminate both parts and replace them with new ones created in the Glowforge. A proofgrade medium maple plywood sheet of 1/8” with the measurements of the notch was cut and the name of the class was engraved in HD setting. We also cut a proofgrade acrylic sheet with the same dimensions of the original metal sheet and with the holes for the screws. I use different settings to create some contrasts between the engraved elements. I sanded and refinishes the wood before the final assembly.

I hope you like our idea and the final result.

Circular Recognition Plaque

What a wonderful gift! It looks great, you did an excellent job.




Really nice, for a minute I thought the :proofgrade: maple was metal.


Great re-purposing and beautiful results!




That’s gorgeous! :grinning:


Very well done.


I am all for recycle and reuse! :slight_smile:


What an awesome idea! Turned out very nice.


Wahooo, way to recycle! It’s a beautiful plaque, I suspect much better than the original one.