Clarification on exporting Designs on the Glow Forge?

Recently had a zoom meeting where some of the new users had been told that new members were going to have there Dashboard Designs wiped out ?

What does the manual save mean , does it save the dimensions of the design ?Screenshot 10-26-2020 02.47.59

How do I properly export my designs out using this new feature ?

Thanks Jules, so what I am trying to figure out is that if i save a Name for the Manual Settings in glow forge and Glow Forge Wipes out the Designs after not using them for 30 days , do I also loose the Name I made for the Settings ? Will that be erased also ?

The accounts who already own Glowforges won’t have their file storage limited to 30 days. (That’s for machines sold after 10/31/20.)

But no, if you create a Custom Setting and save it, that will remain intact. Custom Settings are not associated with a specific file, they are associated (generally) with a type of material/thickness combination. (Just like the Proofgrade settings are.)

Saves a lot of time to just go through and set them up once for each material that you normally use. Then the next time you have a new design that you want to cut on that material, it’s one click instead of having to re-key all the parameters.


@Jules is correct. Thanks for the help!

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I have never been able to successfully export a design. The only option I see is to export as PDF. When I do this, I get just the edge of the design and a page of settings.

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