Clarrification of gift certificate

In the “schedule update” there was this paragraph

Finally, you’ve waited a long time for your Glowforge, and we told you it was going to arrive on schedule. Since it won’t, we’re going to issue you a gift certificate good for either Proofgrade materials or designs in the store. The gift certificate will increase $20 for each month you have to wait past your scheduled delivery of either December or March.

Does this timer start from December (if we were in the order pre-order crowd) meaning If I received my glowforge tomorrow I’d get $40 in the gift certificate?


Math isn’t one of my strengths, but I believe yours is correct. I suppose they could be counting days so that you’d get $20 tomorrow, but $40 at the end of February. But that’s a little petty IMO.

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It means if you were supposed to get your GF in December, the timer starts. I bought later, Aug 2016, so my timer starts in March. As to it being Feb now and production units not coming soon, I would say $40 for you early bird buyers. - Rich

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Interpretations for early buyers…

From Dec 1st + each month - Maybe $40
From Dec 31st + each month - Maybe $20
From Dec prorated = ~$22
From Dec + 30 days + shipping time (domestic, international?) = ???
From Dec XXX…

Assume what you want. The lawyers and investors will assume what they want.

If no one else adds to this topic I’ll gladly send my gift certificate to a random forum member.


I’m getting something I didn’t plan on for a delay I didn’t plan on to buy things in a storefront I’ve never seen. Now that could sound pretty dire to a lot of folks and the conspiracist in me wants to say prices shall inflate to match gifts given. The truth is there are a lot of variables and not a lot of solutions yet.

So I’m just not as cranky dour old man as I want to believe I am despite chasing kids off my lawn regularly. I see some great proofgrade hardwood and plywood pieces being used in beta and pre-release examples here in the forums. So, I’ll probably blow as much as I possibly can on those materials and knowing me feel like I got a free bonus and just be full of joy for it.

Mind you @whalley_jeff could have been asking, does the $20 counter start from the expected ship date when the message was sent to all of us, or the newly adjusted in the e-mail date?

Either way. I’m getting a glowforge eventually and it’s going to be awesome.


::flash:: GAME OVER ::flash::



Pretty sure I was safe but if I had lost, my plan was to just post the code in open forum. It would be worth it to visualize several hundred members scrambling to quickly use the same code.

Oh, and I just Liked his post as a reward for saving me $60. :wink:


He could save you even more money if the Glowforge gets delayed another month, and so on, and so on.


That’s evil :slight_smile: add a little more fun and say that two digits are flipped


For us Europeans who probably won’t be using the proofgrade because of shipping costs I may well be auctioning off my gift tokens if I can.


I fully understand the cost associated with shipping materials outside the US. Please remember the gift card is also for designs, which will not have any shipping costs and shouldn’t incur any tariffs.


I really loved the concept. I say you play again when you feel it’s appropriate.

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