Cleaned air assist fan now print head can’t be found error code?

I need some help if anyone knows ! I cleaned the air assist fan and the exhaust fan today. Now it’s doing this stuck on centering/scanning. Throwing a print head not found error code occasionally. This is the first problem I’ve had out of it. I emailed glowforge. I’m at a loss, I have an event coming up.

I followed the videos step by step to take it apart. I did not fully disassemble the assist fan just cleaned the blades and used air I was too intimidated to take it all apart. It all moves freely manually. Makes an odd loud grinding noise when it goes forward.

Thanks for any help or advice you all have !

Could be a bunch of reasons. Bad black cable, dirty overhead camera lens, bright reflective lighting, etc.

I noticed the head bangs off to the left. That indicates the overhead camera has not captured the position of the head on power up. Try powering down and moving the head under the overhead camera and then powering back up. If it still doesn’t see the head then I’m going to guess a bad lid black cable.
The fact that the head not found error occurs makes me think that the white cable to the head is maybe not secure. This sounds like two different problems.


sounds like you got some moisture <?> on one of the connectors?
i have a solution… BUT it comes with some serious warnings…

Can you share photos of the carriage plate on the rails without the printhead as well as photos from underneath showing the belts? The grinding noise implies debris in/on the belts or rails.

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