Cleaned my Glowforge Pro Camera won’t take pic

I cleaned my Glowforge Pro as I always do with microfiber towel and Zeiss wipes. No spraying on anything as I know better and once again our camera will not take a pic. We let it dry out and did all troubleshooting and still won’t work. We bought 2 spare black cable ribbons for the lid and those didn’t fix it so that’s not the problem. Now still waiting for Customer Service to get back to me as I have orders waiting that I will now have to cancel. This is our 3rd machine to malfunction in 10 months. Absolutely ridiculous for the amount of money spent on the Pro and Customer Service seems NON EXISTENT!!! I plan on buying the extended warranty but now I must wait on another machine to be hopefully EXPEDITED out. We’re busy but not running it 24/7 and we just got this new machine a month ago FIX THIS GLOWFORGE!! Here’s your pics now please email or call ASAP! - :weary::rage:

When you’re cleaning the machine - are you touching the cables or the areas with the lights? If so - stop doing that. It’s very unusual for cables/cameras to fail, and that you’re having this problem repeatedly points to it being something that you’re doing so figuring out what that is would seem important!


A) what are you cleaning so often? There’s nothing functionally needed besides the optics and occasionally the rails.

B) some of your photos are quite blurry

C) this is a publicly viewable forum that gets regularly scraped by bots - maybe you don’t want your personal contact out there?


Those photos are so blurry I don’t think anyone can look at them and discern anything. I sure can’t.

I’ve had to replace my black cable and the first time I did it, it didn’t work. When I double checked on the left side, where the cable clicks in to the one receptacle, I found that one of these tiny little black tabs was not correctly snapped in. Double check those.


I have done all of that. Nothing seems to be working. And now I can’t get any from glowforge to send mean email or anything. Left 3 messages and nothing.

They will get back to you…it’s just not a really fast turnaround, that’s all. Also, this post will get their attention. Try to be patient. Also…would be a good idea to remove your phone number from this public forum. Support knows how to reach you.

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Hello! I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.