Cleaned my machine--now alignment is WAY off

Hi. I’ve had my GF Pro for a year–finally making some orders and it needed to be cleaned. (Air Fan Assist alert kept going off). So I cleaned it. And put everything back together–and now the alignment is off like crazy. I have done the camera calibration, and it prints like below. I’m not sure what is wrong? I have a message into support–but waiting to hear back. Also, this round black thing was under my crumb tray. It’s cracked…but not sure where it came from?? Maybe this is a reason??

I’m so upset this has happened right when I was finally making a profit. :frowning: Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you!

Have you checked to see that your right pully under the arm is still there?


Here is this guide:

Glowforge recommends a bit more frequent cleaning then you might have done. So things that can happen would be that the pully there cracks off if it was not being maintained (happened to me with a used GF I bought). If you dont have that pully and the washer that goes on top of it then you would have those printing results.

Also, when you try and slide the carriage plate left to right (assuming you have proper tension on the carriage plate belt), do you get a lot of resistance when going left as opposed to right?

And yup, I get frustrated at myself when I screw up a cleaning (I still always use all the guides from GF even if I do the cleaning a lot between all my machines). After all, it wouldn’t be glowforges fault for that.


That would be the reason :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh no, I’m sorry to hear about the trouble.

The broken pulley can absolutely be causing the print results you’re experiencing.

We’ll need some personal information from you, so I’m going to close out this request and follow up with you on your email request.

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