Cleaning exterior of Glowforge

Hi. What is the recommended way to clean the exterior of the Glowforge? I just wipe with a dust cloth but I think the glass could use a cleaning. I searched but could not find what I was looking for. Thanks in advance!

I use a 50/50 water and vinegar mix, it really works well, leaves no streaks, and sucks up that smoke gunk!

NEVER SPRAY directly on the glowforge, spray on a rag / paper towel, and wipe
flip and repeat!

if that doesn’t get it clean, try alcohol - same idea, put on paper towel and wipe.


I’ve never cleaned the exterior of my GF, the side panels are stacked high with glues and tools.

I use the lid as an assembly surface, however. So it often gets glue or paint on it. I clean it off with a razor blade and occasionally alcohol or sprayway window cleaner.


Simple Green.

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NOT pure simple green, that’s pretty potent - I use that to clean crumb trays
you gotta mix simple green with water to use it as a cleaning formula

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I’d say that with ALL screens / electronic stuff. Always spray the cloth and then clean the surface. Never spray the surface!

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Um, ok. By “pure” do you mean “undiluted concentrated” Simple Green? That all depends on what you are cleaning off the glowforge. Always follow the manufacturer’s directions. I have no issue with using the concentrated stuff at full strength (on a rag or a paper towel) to clean off a wood-tar/resin finger print or a grease smudge. YMMV.


Thank you everyone.

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