Cleaning Pro safety goggles

Is it safe to use the zeiss lens wipes on the goggles? I don’t want to find out the hard way that the lenses or frame will get damaged.

If not, do you have a recommended cleaning technique?

They should be safe for everything related to the laser. They are safe for the laser lens, windows, and mirrors, so should be good for the glasses, too.


Can’t see the logic of that because laser lenses, mirrors and windows are not made of plastic but goggle lenses are. However, I would be surprised if any lens cleaners would damage plastic lenses.

To clean my reading glasses I normally just breath on them and use the lint free cloth that comes with them. Safety goggles shouldn’t get anywhere near as dirty as the inside of a GF.

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Me neither but I am really hoping for an official stance from GF staff here…

Well, they are lens wipes not limited to glass lenses. My local optometrist office sells the same for cleaning all lens varieties that they sell (apart from contact lenses, obviously), both plastics and glass.

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We need to get AvE a Glowforge. He’d wipe them with brake cleaner.


I think it should be clear so people don’t get confused… Cleaners for glass may not work as expected on plastic. Some glass cleaners will fog or otherwise harm plastic lenses. Of course, some will work fine on either.

What Tom said. So please, will someone from Glowforge just say yes or no here?

This should not be that hard. In fact I feel like I’m probably being dense, maybe this is in the manual?

First rinse your pro glasses in water to remove debris, then use a Zeiss wipe to remove any oils that the water doesn’t wash away.