Cleaning the Glowforge Pro

Trying to put the belt back on after cleaning and there is no give to put back on the wheel. Any helpful hints

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It’s more of hitting the right angle than needing give.

Presuming you’re right hand dominant (if left, reverse everything):

  • Put the carriage plate to the right of center
  • Hook the left side of the belt on correctly
  • With your right hand place the belt against the back of the wheel on the right - it’ll only barely go over the edge
  • Move your left hand to the carriage plate and start pulling it left slowly
  • With the thumb of your right hand push up on the edge of the belt that’s going around the wheel as it’s slowly rotating
  • Cheer when it pops onto the wheel

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I assume that you have watched the Glowforge video. There is a long time Glowforge user who has a video that may help as well. Starting at about the 5:35 mark he shows how to put the belt back on. Glowforge Tutorial: Removing the Carriage Plate to Clean the Air Assis – Big Blue Laser Designs


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