Cleaning the Mask Off Your Print

Here is a little tip about cleaning off the masking material on Proofgrade products. I use Crystal Clear Gorilla Tape (3" high roll) so I can see what I am doing. I cut a length and press it down on my design. Then I use a thumb scraper

(ThumbScraper™ – Fusionbrands) and press to smooth the tape onto the draft board (in this case). I peel it up and most, if not all, the masking comes off.


Great tip, Thanks for sharing!

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It looks like you made your own washi tape as well. Awesome!

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Hello all, Thought I’d put in my find. I was doing something with a steal ruler and somehow scrapped it across a part I just got done cutting out with masking on it and it took a lot of it off. I then tried it for real and it worked very well. So, from other wood working days I ordered a scrapper from amazon (There are plenty around) and for me this has been a great saver of time for me. I have used Gaff tape, fingernails, and a few other things but found this works best for me. The big plus is only got to purchase it once. Yea.

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