Cleaning the Wood with Magic Eraser Sponge

It took me way longer to figure out how to make this post )first timer) than it did to create something. Anyhoodles…

I have read a lot about the char and stickiness that needs cleaning off of wood cuts. It is pretty gross and smelly. I just tried a magic eraser sponge, and it worked. Because they work with a “damp-not-wet” concept, water was no issue.

Love to hear if anyone else has tried it and their issues if any.


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There has been a lot of discussion about those and several with links to sources both of name brand and generic. I see that there are sheets made of it as well.

For myself, I use a lot of hand sanitizer that works on everything but MDF that it also dissolves that glue easily. I also frequently use bleach.

There is a lot of talk that Ammonia works better but needs to stay away from bleach as together they are very poisonous even beyond their individual nature. Where wood gets wet and can warp if held flat (or curved if you want) while wet it will hold that shape when it dries.

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Welcome to the forum. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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Welcome @tawnya.eastman to the forum. It’s a good tip. On of the first things I bought after getting my first Glowforge was a whole pack of them.

Folks have lots of different ways to do this and here is another tip from back in the day:

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