Cleaning wipes

What is the brand of wipes recommended to clean the Glowforge. Are we to clean EVERY surface with them (
not the lense, right?)

In addition, can we run the crumb tray just under the faucet?

The instructions for cleaning are in the support section, above.

Zeiss wipes like the sample provided, and only the optics and rails.


Glowforge sends Zeiss wipes with the Glowforge.

Here are the cleaning instructions.


It will rust only if you let it stay wet. I clean my tray periodically, when it gets too gunked up with cutting residue. It gets to the point where materials will get marked up if I don’t… and a brushing isn’t gonna do it. Also, I get bits of wood all stuck in the tray, which presents a few problems of its own.

This is how I do it and keep it dry. First thing: pick a nice hot sunny day.

  1. Take a long sturdy tool (I use a blunted heavy nail) and a flashlight and carefully search the comb for any bits of material stuck in the holes. Push the material through the holes, it’ll collect in the bottom of the tray.
  2. Disassemble the whole thing and wash it as in the post above.
  3. Use an air compressor or blower to blow the water out of the tray and all its crevices – remove as much water as possible.
  4. Let the tray sit in the sun to dry thoroughly. Ensure there’s good airflow.

Reassemble and you’re good to go.


Walmart has them and at a pretty good price. You find them in the optics (eye glasses) dept.

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I stand corrected. I have never needed to clean mine other than emptying it out.


That’s all I’ve ever done as well. I don’t consider myself a heavy user.


I think it comes down to what you cut a lot of. Acrylic won’t leave much residue at all, but BB is sticky residue all day.

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I cut more thick MDF than anything. I pressure wash my crumb trays 2-3 times a year. I choose a sunny day so I can leave it leaning against something facing the sun to dry afterward.

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Yeah a pressure washer would probably work really well. Hmm next time.

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Thank you

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