Clear Glass Tile Nameplate

I have been making these for fun for many of my friends at work. I thought I would share the fun with our Glowforge Community. I bought a case of these 3" x 12" clear glass tile on the clearance table at the local Home Store. They provide pretty good results with fonts and images. I might do a few for gifts around the holidays too.

I added a little permenant maker to the back of the etching on this one. I kind of like the subtle effect.


That is lovely! I’m sure your coworkers are delighted!


Oh, they make gorgeous name plates!


What settings did you use?

What a cool application!:sunglasses:

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Focal .310
Speed :1000
Power: Full
Grayscale: Vary Power
Lines Per Inch: 340


Nice job!

And thanks for the info! 50% off is pretty awesome. Unfortunately my local store is out. So are the several surrounding stores. Closest to me is ~30 minutes away. 17 left. I think I might just have to go get 'em!

Check Lowes. I got mine from there. HD has the 4" ceramic tiles but Lowes has these glass ones. Also some in a green tinted glass as well.


Right. Sorry. That’s what I’m saying. My local Lowes is out. Looks like it’s a clearance item. So get 'em while you can!

Try here :slight_smile:

Yeah… Looked there first. Always shocked when they don’t have what a want! :slight_smile: That’s 3" x 6" rather than the 3" x 12".

I think the 3x6 makes better nameplates, desk stuff, etc. - better scale. Those are the ones I used.

For art pieces the bigger ones are good when placed in a set and the art spread across 4 of them to create a 12x12 piece.

But, here’s 4x12

Or a box of 3x12



I like using the 3"x6" glass tile too. I like all the variety of textures, tints, and sizes for different types of projects.


Your tiles are really amazing!

Discussion of manual settings is limited to Beyond the Manual category though, so I’m moving this topic there. If you decide to remove the settings I can move it back, or you can just leave it as is, whatever you like.


Love glass tiles. Really nice.

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I bought out the stock of the 3 x 6 ones at my Lowe’s. They were on the shipping dock, ready to be returned to the manufacturer. They actually had to return them to inventory so I could buy them. But I got a 90% discount, so…yeah.

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Excellent! I look forward to seeing your results. I hope you post a pic or two for us to see. One of my colleagues asked for a Tesla Model 3 line art on a glass tile today. What a cool medium to work on!!

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I’ll make sure to post some, then. I’ve done a couple, working out the settings, and discovering that you really need to remove that product label. Heh.

These are beautiful. However, I must be failing somewhere. I have loaded my glass (from Lowes, same brand) and set my presets as indicated (focal .310 Speed 1000, Full Power, GrayScale Vary, and 3.40 LPI. The back engraved, but nothing is showing on the other side. It just isn’t cutting through the painted back of the glass. Any help would be appreciated.