Clear Lacquer over Finished Wood

Can anyone help me with this? I bought prefinished walnut. It’s already stained and shiny with some type of clear coat.

After I engrave my jewelry, obviously I just lasered away the clear coat in those engraved areas. Even though the wood has a clear finish already on it, can I spray them with a clear lacquer to help protect the jewelry, in particular the engraved areas? Or should I not apply a clear coat to a prefinished wood?

Thanks in advance!

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You can apply any additional coating you like. If you match it to what you know was already there, you might get better results, but I use a water-based poly on treated and untreated material all the time.


Oh, thank you so much! I sincerely appreciate the help, and so quickly! :slight_smile:


Throw your problem on the table here and watch what happens…


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