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I was using my machine and in the middle of it I went to check on it and notice a clear liquid that was on the wood. It seems to be same liquid that’s in the tube. I turned it off and found that it looks like came from the left side of the machine. There is a lot of air in the tube now and doesn’t seem to go away like it use to. Has anyone had this issue and how do I fix it?

Your machine cooling system has sprung a leak. There is air in the system because the coolant level has dropped low enough for the pump on the left side to draw air in.
Unless you are mechanically inclined and are comfortable with getting into the insides of your machine, you are going to need to email support with your problem, they don’t monitor the forum.
We are all just users like you.

Assuming your machine has worked well in the past, I would guess the small rubber hose that supplies and returns the coolant has chaffed through by rubbing on something. Just a guess.
If that’s the case, it would be a relatively easy fix once you have found the leak.


Will it leak continuously or just when it’s on? Also do I need to refill the coolant that was lost? Also my machine getting close to two years old and not under warranty anymore, will they still help?

(I’ve emailed them already just haven’t gotten a response yet)

You get the same level of support whether your warranty is still in effect or not. They’ll troubleshoot any problems you’re having with your Glowforge, and get you back up and running. The only difference is that if getting you back up and running involves parts, repairs or a replacement machine, it’ll be at your expense if you choose to move forward, instead of GF paying for it as a warranty cost.


Depends on where the hole is, but likely just when it’s on.

Yes, it’s a dilute antifreeze solution.




Ok so I think I found where the leak is coming from and it’s seems to be exactly what you said. I still haven’t heard from GF yet. I need to get my machine up and running though as I have some orders to fill. Does anyone have a video on how to fix this or know where to buy replacement parts/more coolant?

Personally, out of warranty, I would cut the hose where the hole is and splice it together with a Double male nipple . Try to get close to the internal diameter of the hose so you don’t restrict the flow, and correct the position of the hose so it doesn’t rub on anything again.
Unless your machine will be subject to freezing conditions (you really wouldn’t want the coolant to freeze and fracture the tube) it wouldn’t be necessary to use antifreeze, distilled water by itself will work for coolant. Having the coolant tank 3/4 full would be fine. The system is self purging, so any air in the tube should be eliminated within a minute or two of turning it on.

With the machine powered on, make sure your repair doesn’t leak, move the gantry through its range of motion to be sure the hose is clear of obstruction and you should be good to go.


Dude thank you so much. GF got back to me and they said they would send me a refurbished one. But for $1125. I get the shipping cost is probably a hung amount and that price covers both and to get a refurbished GF is awesome when they don’t have to do anything but I don’t have that kind of cash just laying around. So your fix seems to be a way for me to do it cost effectively



You are quite welcome!
Thanks for the picture. Yeah, that looks like an easy fix Josh, much better option than $1100! That nipple will cost you less than $1.50.


Ok so I finished the repair and it seems like it worked. I used a 1/4 x 1/4 splicer and put zip ties on each end. I then used another zip tie to make sure the tubing is out of the way. I added about 40 mls of distilled water and that seemed to do the trick. I turned it in at first not adding any and I still had the air bubbles. I added 10 at a time and each time I turned it on it had a easier time getting rid of the air. So I’m super happy and just grateful that when it leaked it didn’t break anything. I’m thinking about adding maybe 5-10mls of coolant/antifreeze since I keep mine in the garage. I live in Houston so only have a couple of night a year it freezes. If anyone else has the same problem this will be there to help them out.


Nice work Josh! :+1: :sunglasses:


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