I see a lot of people making and clearing work spaces for their Glowforge. What sort of clearances are needed for cooling, airflow, to open and close the lid. Some folks seem to be devising very tight or enclosed spaces, and with other high energy consuming devices I’m worried about over heating or shortening life span or having to cut holes just for the curvature of power or venting hookups.


You can find the dimensions on the tech specs page. I think basically the foot print is 38" x 20.75" and I’m assuming that you would need around 29" vertically to open the lid completely without the air filter and 36" with the air filter. As far as air flow and cooling goes I think you just need a clear path to the nearest window. I don’t think the vent sticks out at all and if you have the optional air filter you just need to make sure the exhaust is clear.

Dan also said once that air intake is along the bottom. But the “feet” should hold it up enough. So as long as it is on a flat surface, and is not nested down snuggly into a hole (some plan this for the pro passthrough), you get the airflow you need.

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Any updates on the clearances need by the Glowforge within a workspace? I’m designing up a desk/workstation area to put it on/in and if it needs a half inch, 1 inch, 2 inch etc. clearance on any sides for air flow, cooling, access, etc.

Thank you

@dan addressed this a few days ago in another thread: