Clicking and

HELP, I am brand new and have set up my printer and connected it to the wi-fi but now it has a screen on my blank design page that looks like this but it is a blank draft board in there and it wont focus.
It just clicks and nothing happens.
I would love it if somebody could do a zoom with me and help me figure out how I engrave the material I am trying to engrave. I do small aluminum wings and I am obviously a little slow.

Thanks in advance for any help.
Kathy Swaringen

Click on your Dashboard and choose Create, then a new design. You should get a blank canvas.

The focus issue is the way the unit processes the image to format it from a fish eye type lens to a flat surface. There is always a slight out of focus issue with the bar codes due to this process. The unit should still be able to identify the material on the label. The unit will always show the last thing on the bed of the unit when the lid was closed. If you put a new board in the image will refresh to that.

It looks like your photo is very bright. This may be just how you took the picture. If not, try reducing the overhead lighting above your Glowforge. The clicking noise comes when a print completes, the head returns to the home position, and the lens focuses.

you guys are awesome. I got it recalibrated and think I am ready for my new project. Yay, thank you,. I am so excited.

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Hello Kathy,
Thank you for providing the excellent photos and reaching out to us with your machine issue. This may require a bit more of an in depth attention to your machine issue so I’ve created a new trouble ticket / email, and we’ll work on and resolve your issue there. That said, I’m going to close this topic and follow up with you in your new ticket. Thank you.