Clicking/tapping sound after fan shuts off


After every print I get the same noise from my Glowforge Pro. It’s a tapping / clicking sound that occurs after every print is over and the fan turns off.

Is this normal?




Out of curiosity, any idea what’s making that sound?


No idea. But mine’s been doing it for seven months. Maybe something powering down.


agreed mine does this as well


It sounds like the stepper motors are going through a canned position routine at the end.


It is normal and I believe it is the Peltier cooler coming back to room temperature.

Since it has a temperature difference of cold on one side and hot on the other, you are hearing the evening out of those temps.


I like it, it has a rythm similar to crickets talking :slight_smile:


Thermal shock isn’t good for them, perhaps it should ramp the power down.


It happens on Basics which have no Peltiers so I’d bet it’s something with the steppers.


It seems too consistent to be cooling… but I have no idea


Too focused on Pro versus Basic to notice that it is happening with the Basic models also.

From sticking my head in the GF :glowforge:, I hear it mostly in the area of the heat sink.



It is the laser head that is doing the clicking. Because it parks near the fan/Peltier, it sounds like something is cooling down.


Put my fingers on the head after the cool down warning in the GFUI and can feel the internals on the laser head causing the clicking.


Huh… Isn’t it the same noise that the head camera makes at start up when it’s focusing?


Have heard it called the “Shave and a haircut” dance because of the repeatable beat.


I think so – sounds about the same to me.


That could be what it is doing… cycling the power on and off to it. (I haven’t dealt with peltier coolers in the past though, so not sure if a typical temp controller would be ok for them.)


They recommend high frequency PWM as low frequency can cause thermal fatigue.


Not Peltier unless you are talking about a different sound than the rest of us. Happens in the Basics which do not have the active coolers.


Ya. I saw that after I replied :slight_smile: But was also curious what the ‘standard’ thing to do with a peltier is.