Clip paths etc

So I’m relatively new to the Aura and cut out everything beautifully - except the main bit! That’s coming up as ‘no artwork’ due to the size. I have tried to ‘clip’ it in inkscape so I can do it in two bits but it’s proving a nightmare as despite saving the clip as pdf when I open it in aura it pulls the whole lot through.
One way I think I can do it is using the snipping tool, however, does anyone have any tips of how to get the measurements off a pdf to allow me to get it to the right size (or any other tips of how to get around this problem).

First off the Glowforge app does not recognize clip paths. but you can use an image of the clip-path (make copy). I leave the clip path itself turned off but if you do the app will complain (and be ignored by me)

Unless there is a reason to do otherwise I size the piece in the app. Inkscape naturally measures in millimeters, but you can change that in the setup properties. Even then, in the app, I select a part that I know what the size is supposed to be and check it with the precision measuring tool that shows up on the bottom left when something is selected.


Thanks - I’ll try again to see if I can do a copy where it leaves the path, but I’m also having a go at re-sizing the job and seeing how it looks. Thank you for your help.