Where do you guys find it’s best to get your clipart to download for commercial use? (Not including the free GF stuff) i wish i was an artist and could draw my own but alas i cannot. I need to get some stuff without bleeding the bank.

If you have premium there is among the best group of clip art that you have more commercial license than if you went to the site where the clip art is free but not for commercial use.


I’m looking for somewhere to go for stuff beyond what i get with mt premium membership. There is often things in looking for that are not there.

Google works but can show you much from folks who are not concerned if the source is not kosher.

1 Like and have tons of SVG designs, at very low prices, with commercial usage rights.


I have a ton from Etsy like this… ClipArt
They offer small packages for as little as a dollar and large ones pretty cheap like a 570 file bundle for $4.00.
Just a note, some of the ones that claim 5,000 or 10,000 pictures are really not that many, and you will see the same picture dozens of times just in different colors, but the ones I have bought are still worth the cheap price.

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The majority of those huge bundles are in some way illegal. The sellers don’t actually own the files they’re selling, which leaves you open to potential copyright claims by the actual creators. I avoid buying files from Etsy, except from individual designers that I’ve connected with in some way, so I know they’re selling their own work.


Unfortunately there are unscrupulous individuals in every facet of life and it is our responsibility to filter those types out.

I love Etsy and many of our fellow GF’s have Etsy shops so I wouldn’t let a few unprincipled cheats cause me to avoid all the hard workers who are trying to make somewhat of a living from Etsy.

  • Yes, definitely check out the licenses on any artwork you purchase and of course your best shield is common sense. If the store is selling Disney art for $1 then I would suspect their legitimacy.

  • Check the store location, those in other countries are not held to the USA’s copyright laws.

  • You can always email the Etsy vendor and simply ask.

My take is that with a little extra diligence you can get great artwork (and other things) for a reasonable price on Etsy.


Google has an option to search for particular licenses. When you search, click on “Images”, then “Tools”, then “Usage Rights”.


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