Closing The App

Does the entire job get dumped to the 'forge before the button lights? In other words, if I close the app in the middle of a job, will the job complete?


Yep. Soon as you push the button you’re good, however I highly recommend against it. If for some reason it doesn’t cut all the way through you’ll want to run the cut again and you don’t want to lose your placement/scaling/rotation


If it is not extremely long, yes.
If your job is extremely long it might have to spoll twice but that is from the cloud so crashing your browser or closing won’t ruin your print.


Once you send the op to the machine (when you click print and it gets past processing your design) the cloud is uploading the op the job to the machine. If you quit away from that tab or window, and you reopen to the design page- in the upper right you can click that and see the status of the op. But even if you did not return to the page and waited, you’ll see the button start glowing.

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It wasn’t my intention to close it. It was just a “what would happen if I…” :slight_smile:

Is that a guess or has that been stated?[quote=“karaelena, post:4, topic:8899”]
cloud is uploading the op the job to the machine

I could swear I remember reading Dan saying something like even if you lose your internet connection your job will complete. But I can’t find that so I’m not sure if I dreamed that.

If you loose your WAN connection and the job has already been sent you’re fine. If you loose your WAN during the upload process obviously nothing is going to happen.


Certainly. That’s what I was getting at.

So it seems the answer to the question is… Yes the entire job gets dumped to the 'forge before the button lights. And, yes, if I close the app in the middle of the job, the job will complete.

That works for me!


FYI: Don’t press the Print button until it starts to flash even if the UI says press the Print button. Sometimes there is a small delay between the UI saying it’s OK and the flashing button. At least on my Pre-Release if I’m not paying attention and move too quick the print will fail. Can’t think of any reason that would be any different on a Production machine.

edit: received an email from the company asking detailed questions about my configuration. They are still investigating the issue, so it may not have been reproducible on their internal configurations.


I haven’t. But interesting. I don’t think I would press it if it wasn’t flashing. That wouldn’t occur to me to do even if the GFUI told me to. But definitely an interesting observation there!

I’ve gotten so comfortable with the machine that I don’t pay close attention anymore. If I’m focused at the computer when it finishes processing and tells me to push the print button sometimes I just unconsciously reach up and push. It will go through the motions of printing but the laser won’t energize if you don’t wait for the flashing button. Not a big deal it’s probably one of a gazillion minor things the S/W team has on their to-do list. If Dan stopped filling that darned hopper they might catch up.


75+% of the time we’re at a computer that’s 2.5 rooms away from the Glowforge. So we usually don’t even see the computer tell us to press the button. We click Print and walk over to the machine. We wait a minute, the button flashes, we push it, and then gaze at the glory.

And other times we use a tablet right in the same room. :wink:

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Stated but good luck finding the quote among the hundreds of Dan’s posts. Said it was about how much on board memory there is.

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No that’s cool. Wasn’t doubting you, just confirming.

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Is this the one you’re referring to?


That’s the one.

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Yes the entire job gets dumped to the 'forge before the button lights. :slight_smile:

Right now, if your job is too big, we just error out very unhelpfully. In the future we’ll divide it into parts so you can do the whole thing.

That’s me, single handedly filling the hopper with all of my ideas.


Two separate things. The browser talks to the cloud and the cloud talks to the Glowforge. The browser isn’t connected to the Glowforge. So regardless of whether the whole job is sent in one go, closing the browser doesn’t affect the cloud to Glowforge link.

Whether or not the job fits in the Glowforge would affect what happens if the cloud to Glowforge link breaks.

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Can you save a completed layout, or just individual design files? If not, something for the hopper (if it’s not already there @dan)


Can’t save a completed layout. Just the design files. anything you move, rotate or rescale is lost once you go back to the design catalogue. If you want to preserve locations or do complicated nesting, make a 12x20 artboard and lay everything out there for repeatability.

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Very astute point.

Definitely in the hopper.

This is the recommended (albeit far from perfect) workaround.