Coaster Tile Holder

Have you followed one of the awesome tutorials about how to turn a cheap Lowes 4.25" x 4.25" tile into a coaster? Did you engrave one with your laser, instead? Well, I hope you made a set of four, because I MADE YOU A HOLDER!

4x premade tile coasters of the previously linked type
1x sheet of Lauan Plywood (also from Lowes)
1x Glowforge
1x Holder SVG


Your plywood height should be 0.1955 inches or thereabouts. Mine varied in height between 0.1955 and 0.196 inches.

If you have a :glowforge: Basic, use this kerf-compensated cut file. It will be the most perfect of tight fits.
Tile Holder - Kerf Compensated.pdf (1.9 KB)

If you have a :glowforge: Plus or Pro, your full power is different than my full power, so your kerf is likely to be different. In your case, I can give you a kerf-uncompensated SVG and if you want to correct for kerf you are going to have to do some math. Or you can send me a Pro or Plus and I can figure it out for you. Whichever is cheapest :smiling_imp:.

It holds all four tiles VERY SNUGLY. This is intentional, and not a design flaw. It is so that your flatmate’s cat cannot knock them off the table and cause the tiles to hit the floor, shattering. Ask me how I know what to avoid :roll_eyes:.


Very cool looking holder design! Thanks for sharing it! :grinning:
(And yeah, I know cats.)


Nice and simple. Well done.


Thanks for the share. My cat is entirely too lazy to knock anything this heavy off the table, but I appreciate the snug fit.

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Nice design. Easy enough to add a bit of height to account for felt bases if you add those to your tiles too.


Great design!

Now you just have to engrave the tiles with images of your flatmates cat as apology for having mean thoughts about the cat.


Thanks for sharing.

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Nice holder … thank you so much for sharing your file!

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Simple elegance, thank you for the file.

Can’t imagine… :thinking:

Thank you for the tile holder design!

Has someone made this with a Pro? Curious on the settings. I haven’t done much with “fit” and “conversion” (of basic to pro) so wondering if someone knows how to set the settings for this?

The only thing different between basic and pro is the full power setting. Worst case you might need to use a little glue. :slight_smile:

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