Simple ceramic tile coaster

Mining sketchbooks…


Love this.

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Always love stark contrasts. Did you color it or did it just engrave that nice black?

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Engrave, scribble Sharpie over the exposed areas, wipe off excess with a paper towel. Voila!

There’s probably some more elegant/better way (India ink maybe?) way to do it, but this seems to work.

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Not that I’m aware of! Method works great! Nice job!



How about acrylic paint? Not sure how permanent it would be though.

@raymondking32 seems to be one of the tile Pros here… Search for his tiles methods in the forum for info.

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Oh, I know. I’ve seen 'em! :slight_smile:

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Not sure if acrylic is thin enough to seep into the porous surface. I don’t have any real idea, but that’s my guess.

Good point. Maybe a wash method would work, but I think it would take multiple coats.