Coffee Coasters

Hi there! Today I made a set of coffee coasters. I learned that my power was up too high for the engrave, and even though I measured and set the material height at a quarter inch, it still didn’t cut the cork clear through. Anyone else have issues like that?IMG_20190315_144605822


Cork is more delicate, isn’t it though? so yeah lower power on the engrave, and, if you were cutting at FULL, then lower the speed of the cut by 5 or 10. Testing on scraps helps!


Cork is a pain in everyone’s ass to cut all the way through, but it is possible - some folks have managed it with one, I tend to go back and do a 2nd cut just in case

Mine lightened up quite a bit after I scrubbed them - so you might loose some of your smoke stain if you tried that

Nice coasters :slight_smile:


cork barely needs to be touched to go to a nice dark color.
You can sand it down to lighten it if you like. I sanded and stained this cork:

Which gave it a nice distressed antiqued look, I think. All depends on the look you’re going for, I actually like a dark bold engrave on cork, so I think your coasters are really nice.

As for cutting, yeah cork is inconsistent and argumentative…


Thanks for the tips!

I love your dice tray!! Thanks for the tips!

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Yes I have lots of trial and error. I suspect you get better at estimating the settings but I’m not there yet.

Cute coffee coaster artwork.