Coffee cup stud earrings with steam

I fell in love with the Coffeecup stud earrings (free to pro users) that has the stud glued to the back of the steam. I was so excited to make them. I cut four pair but when I was ready to cut the acrylic steam out, there was none. HELP

I don’t have that particular file, but if the design requires two separate materials they will be in two separate files. Often the two files get separated in your Dashboard. Try scrolling down, or doing a search on the file name (the search box appears when you click on “view more items.”


There are two files. Look in your Dashboard.


I just opened the design and I see how confusing this is. It looks like there is supposed to be a second page but I am not seeing it. Looking a bit more…

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When I opened the file from the catalog, it only opened the first part.
I had to go to my dashboard as @dklgood mentioned, and then click on “view more files.” Then I typed “coffee cup” into the search box and both showed up.


Oh no, I’m sorry to hear about the trouble @mobeans. It sounds like @trually and @dklgood have provided some excellent guidance into the file.

If you’re unable to locate the second file, you can select the three vertical dots from within one of the files, followed by “Design Details” and "Reset design."

Let us know how it goes!