Cold Brew Coffee Tap Handle


We have a dry office, but we still have a keg. :slight_smile:

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending April 22nd, 2017

Gorgeous. I love the mix of materials.


Your focusing on the wrong thing PBF… Pints of Seattle coffee… On demand!


The engraved beans are inspired! :sunglasses::+1:


New way to roast coffee beans?


Yummmmmm! :yum:


It’s lovely! Can we get some details of the materials and process?


Just black and white acrylic! Simple but for the design.


Oh! I get what I’m seeing now!


Thanks for the demo. Now I know what to do with my sheets of black and white acrylic. Couldn’t imagine this. Nice sign. And one of these days I’ll have to try this cold brew stuff.


White? Or Frosted? I was hoping for white and red. But for now it’s black, clear and frosted. Unless I missed something.

Edit: Seems like I did.


Life goals: have one of those in my office, and the laser that made the cool handle.


Ha! That’s fantastic! Bravo to the artist and all the technical folks who made the printing of the handle possible.


Artwork was the inimitable @shell!




I’m glad you expanded on the description, I was having a hard time figuring out what I was seeing–kept thinking the wooden support in the background was part of the piece. I know you said you used white acrylic but to me it looks like etched clear. But regardless, it’s just gorgeous!


I thought it was etched clear acrylic too…it’s even more cooler as a cutout! :sunglasses:


Ah! Sorry for the confusion - I can see that now.


Love this!


@dan anybody thought of edge lighting that? Because for an awesome project on one of your thursday things, someone could put a sensor on the level of the keg - say using a strain gauge / digital scale - and have an arduino driving some neopixels, changing color for full (green), getting low (yellow) and empty (red). I guess temperature too. That would look so cool on those engraved coffee beans…